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An Introduction:

I am a Los Angeles based designer with a passion for helping companies to establish a strong online presence. My skill set is very diverse, and ranges from web design, graphic design, and merchandise design, to PPC campaign management, social media management, and more. I have worked with various companies, entrepreneurs, and business owners to reach their digital marketing goals. Most recently, I had the pleasure of being the sole marketing manager for a rapidly growing real estate company in Encino. Before that, I worked with a web development company where I honed my SEO knowledge and web design skills. Previous to that, I spent the majority of my time working on a contract basis, and have done everything from quality assurance, to designing merchandise for bands here in LA. I am a Texas native: originally from Austin, where I attended University of Texas for a degree in Psychology. Currently, I am seeking projects by passionate people, who love what they do and want their brand or product to have a strong voice online. I believe in long-term solutions, and gain a great deal of personal satisfaction from giving my clients real, tangible results.



I love working with passionate people because I am passionate about what I do.

My professional experience is diverse, and encompasses a multitude of design mediums and styles. I have worked with dozens of small businesses, start-ups, and entreprenuers with the ultimate goal of giving their brand or product a voice which is focused, clearly expressed, and visible to as many people as possible.



I have been an avid writer since I was in elementary school. Over the last 2-3 years, I have had the privilege of writing content for more than a dozen companies in the greater Los Angeles area. My content is always very well researched, and always completely unique. I love the challenge of writing about a subject that is completely foreign to me. I cross reference facts, and try to get a general idea of what the experts in the field relevant to the topic are saying. Generating unique, interesting, engaging content is the most crucial aspect of establishing an authoritative, SEO compliant web presence. Unique content has quickly become the cornerstone of any successful marketing strategy; it is the basis of social media interactions, website traffic, conversions, and brand identity. What you say to the world about your field, or your product is the establishes a rapport with clientele in an otherwise anonymous medium by giving your company a face and a voice.

These are examples of blogs and articles I have written for various clients to help them in establishing brand authority and generating increased traffic. In every single case, having an effective content marketing strategy lead to double and tripled site traffic for these companies- all within a matter of months.

Website Design

A Website is Your Company’s Window to the World

As the commerce paradigm has shifted from brick-and-mortar stores to a digital medium, having an SEO optimized, dynamic, interesting website which generates leads, and encourages engagement and interaction on social media has become the cornerstone of any business plan. Your website gives your brand or product, or company a platform on which to establish it’s unique voice and brand awareness. Sure, you can use cookie cutter, drag-and-drop DIY templates – but doesn’t your dream deserve more? Your website should be custom tailored to suit your specific needs and business goals. It should be a memorable experience for your current customers, and should wow potential customers.

I have been building websites in a freelance capacity for over half a decade. My goal is to bring your vision to life and present to you a website which is the one you had always envisioned for your company or brand. My experience in SEO optimization, social media integration, PPC campaign management, and graphic design mean that you can rest assured that your website will have the best possible advantage to grow and be exposed to as many potential customers as possible.

I have built everything from outrageous, feature-rich personal websites, to eCommerce sites, corporate sites, and everything in between. I may not look conventional, but sometimes you have to step outside of convention to achieve something extraordinary


Graphic Design

We live in a society of visual stimulation. From ads, to merchandise, to logos and more- graphic design is how we interact with the world around us. Another crucial staple of any business plan is to have effective, memorable, and unique graphic design

I have been designing in the digital medium for almost ten years. In addition to graphic design, my experience extends into branded videos, and photography. My graphic design services include:

  • Logo Design
  • Branding Materials
  • Infographics
  • T-shirts and Merchandise
  • Digital Advertisements
  • Direct Mailers
  • Newsletters
  • Signs/Posters
  • Product Packaging
  • Web Components
  • Topology Maps

Let’s Make Something Beautiful


In today’s ruthlessly competitive market, reaching the top page of google and other major search engines requires intuitive, all encompassing SEO strategies.A business owner must view digital marketing as a whole, and understand that investment in quality content, engaging social media management, intuitive PPC campaign management and specialized SEO strategies is the only way to stand a chance at being seen. Antiquated marketing techniques may be cheaper, but with consumers doing the majority of their spending online- saving a buck on SEO could cost your brand in serious ways

Although programs exist to automate the SEO process- nothing is as effective and intuitive as a real, experienced SEO analyst. SEO best practices change just as quickly as the rest of technology, so it takes a flexible, adaptable SEO analyst to keep up and make sure your website has the best chance at those coveted top ten spots

Double or Triple Traffic in 6mo or less

Long gone are the days of keyword stuffing, static meta data, and link farms. In today’s SEO field, dynamic, sophisticated algorithms and policies require intuitive knowledge of current internet trends, in depth knowledge of the current market and specific demographic, and a creative approach to experimentation and content.

The competition for the top page slots of major search engines such as bing, yahoo and Google is more fierce than ever. Today, a well-rounded, intuitive and comprehensive SEO strategy coupled with effective PPC campaign management is the only way to achieve relevant page ranking.

I provide monthly SEO and traffic reports so that you can easily monitor the entire SEO process, and gauge its effectiveness. Utilizing these reports and detailed traffic information, we can build a perfect digital marketing strategy to reach your target audience

In depth google analytics integration for all of your websites and social media profiles means accurate reporting, and real-time results.

Effective SEO strategies incorporate the use of engaging social media content in order to help establish brand authority and brand awareness.

Unique, relevant and engaging blog content, alongside informative email marketing can and will generate viable leads faster than you could imagine

Through the design and implementation of a well-rounded SEO strategy including social media management, content generation, expertly defined meta data, schema mark-ups, quality back links, and precise traffic monitoring – you can watch your conversion rates swell… much like your bank account!

Social Media

  • Analyze
  • Review Current Social Media Profiles

  • Monitor Current traffic

  • Research Target Demographic’s Social Media Habits

  • Determine Effective Posting Schedule

  • Create Social Media Action Plan

  • Create Posts and Content to Engage Audience

  • Develop effective Paid Social Media Campaigns

  • Engage
  • Create Additional or New Social Media Profiles

  • Integrate Social Media CTAs on Website and Blog Posts

  • Use Analytics to A/B test for most effective post types

  • Syndicate Social media Posts

  • Join Social Media Groups and Engage in Conversation

  • Establish B2B Relationships for Mutual Social media promotion

  • Monitor
  • Utilize both Google Analytics and Social media Admin to determine accurate metrics of social media engagement over time

  • Continuously look for changes in traffic and alter posting schedule to match

  • Keep up to date with current social media trends and current events in order to post the most relevant content

  • Monitor Online reputation and take steps to rebuild or establish reputation

  • Help to humanize company and make it more relatable to consumers

Social Media Management

Social media is absolutely crucial to establishing brand awareness, driving website traffic,increasing brand visibility, generating viable leads, and getting to the top of google search results.

The process of effective social media management is time consuming, and can often be frustrating since the results may not always be immediately apparent. It takes a commitment to truly understand the current social media landscape, as well as an in depth understanding of your brands target demographic to plan and execute a social media strategy that will grow your audience and give your company the best chance for success.

I have worked with numerous companies in the greater Los Angeles area as a social media manager. The most effective campaigns come from business owners who are interested and invested in finding ways to reach out to the digital realm and share their brand with the world.

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